Geriatric Care

senior woman and caregiver smilingGrowing old can be a celebration! It should be the time we celebrate our lives, to reminisce our triumphs and most importantly, to spend more time with family. However, old age also poses health issues and long-term care planning becomes a must for most households with an elderly individual.

Assured Health Home Care, Inc., we can provide Geriatric Assessments and Evaluation upon request. The process of assessing the elderly individual’s needs is critical when we aim to achieve continuity of care for them at home. The procedure will be carried out by a nurse and will cover factors that will affect the care plan:

  • Medications being taken by the client
  • Prescribed treatments from the client’s physician
  • Family and Home environment situation
  • Level of Independence or Self-care skills
  • Cognitive and Communication Skills
  • Symptom Management
  • General Physical Health

Please call us at 703-221-4854 to schedule an assessment. Our registered nurse will visit you at home for a consultation which will be followed by the nurse’s assessment and evaluation. This will determine your eligibility for home care.

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